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Fireside is specialized in providing solutions through construction, design, commissioning, installation, site management and maintenance, and refurbishment of substations.

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Fireside Engineering

Our Services

We offer services in the installation of electrical equipment including power distribution transformers, control and protection panels, as well as cabling services for both low and high voltage distribution networks. We specialize in:

  • Office electrical wiring
  • High and low voltage electrical infrastructure and service connections
  • Area and street lighting systems
  • Load studies, fault current determinations and the preparation of system master plans
  • Planning, design, Supervision and local project management of Electrical reticulation networks (both underground and overhead)
  • Instrumentation, process control and automation
  • Electric motor control and switchgear systems
  • Security installations
  • Support and maintenance
  • Building and energy control systems
  • Emergency power installations
  • Fire detection systems